Spring And New Beginnings

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As the covid winter wore on, our collective mental health was challenged by a cycle full of sad and depressing news.  Spring brings little relief so far except for dreams of a better summer made possible by the miracle of vaccines.  But as we slug it out one day at a time during stay-at-home, lockdown, emergency brake or whatever flavour of the week name the government wants to label the current restrictions with, we cling to one thing.  Hope.

We have hunkered down here at the farm but aren’t complaining.  Hopefully we have kept some of you entertained with pictures of our animals and their silly antics but it isn’t lost on us just how lucky we are to have so much space and lots of chores to occupy our time.  Thankfully, spring came early and gave us extra time to focus on the work that comes with this time of year so we will be more than ready to welcome you once it is safe to do so.  Shearing is in May and watch for some babies in early summer. Now that’s something to be hopeful about!

A lot of people have reached out regarding farm tours and photo shoots.  Its so hard to disappoint and we think of you often.  However, things are looking up a little bit so we want to be positive and look ahead.   It is our intention to open the farm tour booking app in June with a season start date of July 1st.    We will be open most Saturdays this summer so visitors can also incorporate other Brock experiences into their trip.  More to come on this.

We miss you all and look forward to opening.  In the meantime, please be safe.   And hopeful. 


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