Our Joyful Spirit

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The Covid Era has magnified our most heartfelt emotions.  Most of us feel heightened anxiety, sympathy and nostalgia but also hope and determination.  Someone hit the reset button forcing a re-examination of our priorities (with more than a few of them being discarded).  Those priorities necessary for a life well lived are now my singular focus.  You only have to wtiness my covid hair to know this is true.

For our small family-run, farm the impact of covid was immediate.  After the dust settled, many organizations came to the aid of small business - in our case the Township of Brock, Durham Region, Central Counties, and both the Provincial and Federal governments.   Brock Board of Trade and many local social media groups have also provided incredible support.  For this, my heart is full of thanks.

Our customers are the cornerstone of what we do.  Whether they purchase our products or livestock or book farm tours with us we all connect through a mutual love of animals and nature.  We sincerely enjoy the visits and lively conversations.  For this, my heart is full of gratitude.

On a personal note, we have increased our family by two beautiful new granddaughters and a great-niece in 2020.  For this, my heart is full of love. 

Running a farm business is hard.  Covid is hard.  But watching the beautiful, ever-changing sunrise and sunsets, listening to the rain on the barn roof that turns into a spectacular rainbow over our farm, growing our own vegetables and flowers, sharing our lives with wild and domestic creatures and, of course, spending time with family and friends, bring us profound joy.  There is nothing more we need.

Follow your dreams.  Fill your heart with joy! 

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